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Smart control systems for heating units to minimize outages

From residential areas to the petrochemical industry. The heating units of Eco Steam and Heating Solutions can be found everywhere. The company builds steam and hot water boilers in shipping containers and leases them throughout Europe. Since 2014, Eltra has provided maintenance and modifications to the control systems in the heating units.

Building Machine Controls and Trust

How many people manage to build a career without ever writing a résumé? Karel Hendriks, Site Manager for Eltra at our client Agristo Tilburg, has pulled off this rare feat. He has been a part of Eltra since the very beginning of his career. In his current position, he works closely with Agristo's technical service team on the maintenance, modification, and expansion of machine controls. Karel tells us about his work at Eltra, the most memorable job he's undertaken for Agristo, and the longstanding partnership between the two companies.

Thirteen Control Systems for Weighing Machines in the Food Processing Industry

With an area spanning 62,000 square meters and a daily processing capacity of over 320,000 kilograms of vegetables, Hessing Supervers' new location stands as one of Europe's largest food processing factories. For this facility, Eltra designed the controls for thirteen weighing machines built by FoodeQ Engineering. Project manager Mark van Esch and Lead Software Engineer Wallie Span ensured that, despite numerous challenges, Eltra delivered quality work on schedule.

Traveling the world for potato flakes

From China to Israel, and from Uzbekistan to the United States, Eltra's control systems for potato flake lines can be found all over the globe. Software engineer Tom van Dongen installs these machines at the end customer's location, which has allowed him to see much of the world in the past 23 years. Tom tells us about his current project, on-site work, and his distant travels.

The art of a secure server system

The security of áll of a customer’s files. That's what’s at stake when implementing a new server and network system. It's a great responsibility that Rob Hendriks assumes with confidence. The Senior ICT Engineer has completed over a hundred projects like this. He shares his insights about the server update and upgrade that Eltra is currently realising for an industrial client and about new techniques to optimize cybersecurity.

Profiling line for fence posts

Van Merksteijn International is a leading authority in reinforcement products and fencing systems worldwide. The company wanted to improve the speed and efficiency of its fence post production process, while of course maintaining the high quality that its customers have come to expect.

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“There’s always something new to discover at Eltra.”

Intrigued by our projects? There’s much more to explore at Eltra. We develop control systems for a wide range of machines and installations. From soft drinks and beer to car tires and gate systems. So whether you’re aspiring to be a software, hardware, or field engineer, the learning journey at Eltra never ends.

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