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Industrial IT


A modern production environment requires an exceptionally reliable IT solution. A solution that ensures your data is always safe and that has the resilience to withstand any unexpected occurrences. You can count on our seasoned team of experts.

Eltra installs and configures servers, clients, and all peripheral equipment. The keyword in all our work: redundancy. This includes server redundancy in aspects like power supplies, storage media, and network connections. Externally in the rack, an Uninterruptible Power Supply ensures your data is properly stored during power outages. We store backup information on a Network Attached Storage on multiple hard drives and different data layers. Furthermore, for uncompromised data security, we can combine different backup methods, including immutable, offline, and remote backups or replication.

Additional services
Our team also provides a range of supplementary services. For instance, our specialists can map the IT system of your entire machinery park, solve problems if needed, and implement improvements. This can include tasks such as migrating systems or implementing expansions like Multi-Factor Authentication. Moreover, we offer proactive service and maintenance to ensure that your IT solution remains resilient, secure, and future-proof.