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Remote access. Geofencing. Automated, ‘smart’ reports. The capabilities of our modern SCADA systems are limitless. We offer solutions that interconnect all aspects of your enterprise. From PLCs, databases, and devices to MES and ERP systems.

Open and modern
Eltra prefers to build new SCADA systems with Ignition: a modern package with substantial benefits. Utilizing open standards like HTML5, CSS3, OPC UA, and MQTT, Ignition is cross-platform compatible and functions on Apple, Windows, and Linux systems. It’s also accessible on any device with an internet browser, from industrial screens and desktops to tablets and phones. Each Ignition license allows an unlimited number of devices to connect.

Vision and Perspective
Ignition comes in two variants: Vision and Perspective. Vision is suitable for systems where all devices use the same screen size. Perspective is fully responsive: the interfaces adapt to screen size, ensuring that crucial information is clearly visible on all devices. It also enables more advanced features, such as geolocation. Eltra has extensive experience with both Vision and Perspective and is happy to assist you in making the right choice.